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Take the stress out of trying to find the best business loan. If you are a having a tough time finding the best deals on a commercial loan you are not alone. In a recent study conducted by the Federal Reserve Bank, finding favorable credit is the #1 concern of business owners in our area.

Best places to look. In general, when it comes to finding the best pricing on a business loan, local lenders are going to be your best bet. Local lenders tend to offer the best pricing because they make most of their profits not from your loan but from long-term customer service relationships. These profitable customer relationships may start with a loan but can expand in other ways and provide dividends for years to come. Out-of-area lenders on the other hand, can only make money on one thing, your loan. This pricing advantage that local lenders have, gives them the ability to discount their loan costs and offer better terms.

Technology has made shopping much easier for many thing, why not business loans? Think about it, you still don’t individually call a few airlines to find the best deal on airplane tickets. You still don’t individually call a few hotels to find the best deal on hotel rooms. Why is the average business owner still only contacting a few lenders in search of finding the best deal on their business loan?

The short answer to this question is time. The average business owner, according to another Federal Reserve Bank survey, will consume 24 hours of their time on their loan search and most will give up after only shopping 3 financial institutions.

Why so time consuming? The reason why shopping for a business loan is so time consuming is because lenders have lots of variables that they need to consider before they can decide if they like your loan and what kind of pricing they can offer. Normally this information can only be obtained through the traditional and time consuming application process.

Game of chance? Given the amount of time one needs to invest in shopping for a business loan and the dozens of just local lenders that are available, finding the best deal for most businesses comes down to a guessing game. This limited guessing game can be very expensive if the best deals are not found.

A solution to your problem. At The Best Business Loans in Town we take the guesswork out of finding the best deals. The key to quickly finding you the best pricing is our site’s dynamic Search Loan Optimization (SLO) program. This program was created on 3 core beliefs.

  1. When it comes to business loans, local banks/credit unions offer the best deals.
  2. Pricing on business loans can really vary and you need to shop.
  3. If we can ask you 25 – 30 questions we can tell you not only who likes your loan but what and where is the best pricing.
Our program allows your information to be gathered from a comprehensive questionnaire and then compared in real-time with the specific preference of dozens of local lending sources. This matching process acts like a “dating website”, matching up business owners to the lenders who can offer them the best deals.

When local financing may not be competitive or available, we’ll match your loan needs up to the best outside lending sources that we know, like & trust.

Cost. Cost. Finding out “Does anyone like our loan request and what is the best pricing?” is free. You can see a breakdown of how many lenders like your loan and possible best case pricing. If 12 lenders like your loan you will see 12 possible offers for your loan. There is a flat fee of $299 to see who some of these lenders are. For this payment you will be able to see the identity of up to 3 of the interested lenders on your list and you will also have the ability to be directly contacted by them. For your privacy no lenders will contact you or have your information without your approval.

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We are so confident we can save you money on your business loan that we will pay you $100 if you can find a better deal elsewhere.