HELP WANTED – Business Banking Development Officer. Florida

Got a good Bank job but need more money?

What if there was an ethical, easy way you could keep your same job and increase your income ($10,000 – $20,000 + per year).  Would you be interested?

Well partner with us and make it happen. At The Best Business Loans in Town we specialize in turning your trash (declined business loans) into cash (approved loans).

In a nut shell, you referral us your declined business loans and we’ll find them the best financing possible. The end result is more money in your pocket and a thankful Client/Prospect that got a great deal on a business loan.

Our company was co-founded by ex-Bankers who stress customer service and making sure Clients are always offered the best deals possible. Your confidentially would be fully protected and not shared with any outside sources.

So don’t jump ship, expand your revenue sources. Please reach out to us to learn more.

John Patterson CFP ®
Tel 561.543.9264